Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Yuvraj Singh’s The Test of My Life high on ratings

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The enterprising Indian all-rounder, Yuvraj Singh, happens to be the role model of millions of cricket enthusiasts all over the world. His fan base has continued increasing phenomenally eversince he broke into international cricket with a bang in 2000.

Having played the pivotal role in India’s triumph in the Cricket World Cup 2011, in which he was declared ‘Player of the Tournament’ after a string of match-winning performances, he faced the greatest challenge of his life yet when diagnosed with a cancerous tumour in his left lung and underwent chemotherapy treatment in the US. 

Quite remarkably he overcame the deadly disease and returned to the international arena more swiftly than generally anticipated. 

Not surprisingly though his 200-page autobiography, ‘The Test of My Life’ which was launched in a rather emotional gathering in New Delhi earlier this year in the presence of his illustrious teammates like Mahendra Singh Dhoni, Sachin Tendulkar, Virat Kohli and Harbhajan Singh, has remained high on the ratings and the reviewers have thoroughly praised it. The book chronicles his battle and victory against cancer.

“The Test of My Life is a story in my own words. It is about my toughest days and how I managed to come out of it. It is about hope, determination and courage to face challenges despite all odds. And believe me we all have the strength to do it. So keep it up and keep your dreams alive and never give up. God Bless,” Yuvraj Singh remarked in his message. 

The book has been into three parts, Before Cancer, During Cancer and After Cancer, and there’s more than enough substance for the cricket followers, his fans in particular, to keep their interest alive until the very end.

In the first part, he has written about his childhood, disclosing how he was forced to become a cricketer and talked about the rigorous training sessions his father, also a Test cricketer conducted. 

In the second part, Yuvraj Singh has shared about how he tried acupuncture for cancer treatment, believing a friend of his; about how he ignored the symptoms in the initial stages; about his travel to the UK and US for treatment; about his chemo sessions and about the people who supported him during all this. 

In the third part, he has written about his struggle and determination to gain form; about his return to the national team; about the love showered upon him on his return; and about the side-effects of chemo. 

In the end he has talked about his NGO, YOUWECAN, an organisation which provides free cancer diagnosis in rural India.

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