Monday, October 24, 2011

Chappell’s latest book also targets Tendulkar

Jumbo Editorial Team

If the bouncer from Shoaib Akhtar was not enough, Greg Chappell has come up with a nasty seaming delivery to target Sachin Tendulkar, considered the greatest batsman in the cricket history.

The Pakistan speedster in his recently launched autobiography ‘Controversially Yours’ had claimed that Tendulkar was scared of facing him while the prolific Australian batsman, who also coached India, in his new book "Fierce Focus", has observed that the Grand Master has occasionally been mentally fragile.

"At one point early in my time with the Indian team he came and talked to me for about two hours," Chappell observed in the book.

"He was frustrated with his form and racked with self-doubt. Since he'd come back in Malaysia (in a one-day tournament in 2006), Sachin's mental state had been surprisingly fragile and he came to me for help," Chappell wrote, apparently referring to a period when Tendulkar was struggling for form, besides also having surgery for tennis elbow.

Chappell, who was sacked a few months back as Australia's national selector apparently after a fall out with senior cricketers, suggested that Tendulkar could have been affected by the weight of expectations.

"When the team travelled, he would snap on his headphones, not look sideways, and shut it all out. Not even Don Bradman carried expectations like this, and Sachin had been bearing it since 1989," Chappell said in the book.

"He just couldn't get any rest. Once we were talking ... and I said, 'You must have so many friends, it must be hard finding time to keep in touch with all of them'. He looked me in the eye and said, 'Greg, you would have more friends in India than I've got'," Chappell said.

Chappell’s tenure as coach of the Indian team was replete with controversies and he was associated in the infamous war of words with Sourav Ganguly who was removed as captain rather unceremoniously.

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