Monday, October 31, 2011

Imran Khan’s Pakistan launched in Islamabad

Jumbo Editorial Team

A book titled ‘Pakistan’ on current and past events of the homeland authored by Imran Khan, a legendary cricketer-turned-politician, was launched in Islamabad on October 20.

Imran, Chairman, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), was praised by all the distinguished speakers for his services in the field of cricket and community service in particular. He was also hailed as a principled politician.

Air Marshal (R) Asghar Khan was the chief guest on the occasion while former Senator and ex-Federal Information Minister, Mushahid Hussain Syed, and a number of other dignitaries were present on the occasion.

Commenting on the narration and contents of the book, the speakers highlighted that Imran had tried to impart a lesson of hope to disappointed youth of the country.
Mushahid Hussain Syed observed that Imran Khan would bring political tsunami in the country by his daring and fearless leadership.

He said that incorrigible optimism was the main theme of the book, which meant for education of tolerance and patience to gloomy youth of the nation. He added that committed leadership like Imran Khan was need of the hour to drag the nation out of the crisis currently confronted by the country.

Addressing the ceremony, Imran said that youth of Pakistan was totally confused and disappointed due to dubious policies followed by different governments. He commented that there was total confusion in policies on terror war.

“Yes we are going through the worst time but it can become the best time as failures are the only way to get success,” Imran added.

“The problem with the Pakistanis is that they get demoralized after any breakdown. Instead they should analyze their failure and develop self belief to counter defeat,” he advised.

Imran disclosed said that he thought of writing a book after the tragic incident of 9/11 which ruined the lives of hundreds of Muslim families. “I do not consider my self as a scholar but after 9/11 incident there is a great confusion among the youngsters about modern and radical Islam,” he observed.

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