Monday, October 24, 2011

Significance and role of libraries highlighted in DCL seminar

Jumbo Editorial Team

A seminar on “libraries are catalyst in empowering nations” was held at the auditorium of the Defence Central Library (DCL) on October 22 in which intellectuals and scholars highlighted the significance and role of libraries in creating a progressive, enlightened and civilized society.

The popular figure of Ghazi Salahuddin, the founding Editor of Daily The News International, pointed out that the libraries in general were enriched with treasure of knowledge and played a pivotal role in intellectual development of nations.

He lamented the intellectual crisis being faced by Pakistan as a nation. He expressed his concern with the declining trend of reading books and newspapers in society.

Ghazi Salauddin, whose name has become more familiar in the literary circles with the advent of a television programme on books which he has been doing for the past few years, reminded that reading enriches human experience, develops one’s vision personality and brings a transformation in life.

He opined that a lot was needed to be done to encourage people to read more and get them closer to books. He urged for the measures for arresting the decline in the readership among the masses.

Malahat Kaleem Sherwani, Chairperson, Library & Information Science Department, University of Karachi, reckoned that the development of library culture was essential for the awakening of the nation.

She mentioned that the importance of the libraries was universally accepted and the developed countries in particular laid great emphasis to it.

Iqbal Qureshi, Governor, Rotary District 3271, Sindh & Balochistan, believed that the libraries have greater importance in under-developed countries whose people are not as resourceful as those residing in the developed countries.

The issue of the rapid growth of electronic books and electronic libraries was also taken up during the interactive sessions and it was hoped that Pakistan would catch up with the rest of the world in this field too.

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