Thursday, August 25, 2011

Brief Profile: Patricia Fry

Jumbo Editorial Team

Patricia Fry is acclaimed as one of the leading authorities in the world on publishing and book promotion with her latest title, 34th overall, Promote Your Book: Over 250 Proven, Low-Cost Tips and Techniques for Enterprising Authors, released in the United States on August 10, having made quite an impact right away.

She has been working with freelance writers and authors for over two decades. She is a literary and manuscript consultant, an editor and a teacher. She has been helping write a book with more publishing potential and she also guides in preparing a more successful book proposal.

She began writing for publications in 1973 as a part-timer. She continued writing at every opportunity even after accepting a full-time job. In 1990, however, she quit her job and began devoting all of her time to her writing career. She is the Executive Director of Small Publishers, Artists and Writers Network (SPAWN), a networking organization which she helped form in 1996.

Over a dozen of her 34 books relate to writing/publishing as she continues to contribute dozens of articles each year to writing/publishing magazines such as, Writer's Digest, Authorship, PMA Independent, Absolute Write, Freelance Writer's Report, Byline, SPAWNews, SPANnet, NAWW Newsletter and others.

Fry has been a very popular figure, as reflected in the testimonials on her website. She has been praised lavishly by all those having interacted with her professionally over the years. Her caring and warm attitude towards her clients and associates besides the exceptional wealth of knowledge and expertise she possesses, have earned her the kind of accolades she so richly deserves.

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