Monday, August 22, 2011

Brief Profile: Shahid Afridi

Jumbo Editorial Team

Shahid Afridi has been one of the most popular cricketers of the recent past. His swashbuckling and at times casual approach towards the game drew criticism from certain quarters but it didn’t deter him from doing what pleased him more. He was acclaimed as a genuine match-winner in the limited-overs contests.

His powerful stroke-play brought the crowd in every part of the world to their feet. The atmosphere remained charged from the moment he took guard at the crease. He was not afraid to deposit the first ball he faced beyond the fence if he had made up his mind to do so.

Not necessarily the most consistent of performers but he was one of the characters to have charmed the spectators. His agricultural shots didn’t satisfy the purists but they enlivened the proceedings besides breaking the hearts of the opposing teams.

Although many power-hitters have come and gone his record of fastest hundred off 37 balls in One-day Internationals has stood for 15 years. When on song he had the capacity to win the match on his own either batting or bowling. He finished as the leading wicket-taker in the Cricket World Cup 2011.

He scored 6695 runs at an average of 23.49 in 325 ODIs with his strike-rate being an astronomical 113.82. He scored six centuries and 31 half centuries. He also captured 315 wickets. He played 27 Tests, scoring 1,716 runs and grabbing 48 wickets. He also captained Pakistan in every format of the game.

**Shahid Afridi has contributed foreword to Crash of the Titans

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