Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Century of posts completed on Jumbo Publishing’s Blog

Jumbo Editorial Team

Every modern business uses the internet to promote and educate people about their products, with the publishing industry being no exception. It has become a part of the strategy now to many organizations to have a blog to serve this purpose.

Every company attempts and desires to have blogs that are informative, entertaining and consistent but only a few of them accomplish the goal of being classified as particularly useful.

Jumbo Publishing’s blog debuted with its maiden post ‘Book Review: Spotlight on World Cup 2003’ on January 16, 2011 and since then a minimum of 12 articles have been posted every month. The century of posts on the blog was completed with ‘Architect Arif Hassan’s Shirakti Taraqi launched’ on August 4, 2011.

In between these two posts there have been 98 others which have earned laurels and appreciation for the blog and it has been rated among the best in the publishing industry.

It continues to provide a lot of industry information, besides throwing light on its own publications. There has been consistent coverage of the international book fairs being held in the different corners of the world.

The posts on Jumbo Publishing’s blog are precise and to the point that’s why considered worth reading. The popularity of the blog continues growing globally and the number of hits remain on the rise.

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